• Me and my husband fell in love with the Ganna's works. We were impressed by her colourful portrets in abstract and figurative style. With a few glances she is able to catch the personality and character and put them on canvas.
    People seem alive being in color.

    Beate and Heinz Schoeber

  • I always enjoy Ganna's paintings for their ability to brighten my mood on a dark, sullen day.  Her rich, vibrant colors provide me with chromotherapy, when I need an energy boost. To raise the spirits of my coworkers, I have incorporated Ganna's work into the company calendar for many years already. I also spread the infectious cheerfulness of her drawings to friends and clients, by presenting them the calendar as a gift. Everybody states in unison that they appreciate the warmth inherent in Ganna's art, which never fails to leave a positive impression.

    Christof Rheinbay

  • Pasionated always about Van Gogh, Gauguin, Picasso, Miro.. For me at the moment I discovered the works of Ganna Kryvolap was in 2006 and I feelt exciting about the palete of colours and the expression. Since that date I became a colector of her paintings forever. I think she's growing up everytime and that's magnific.

    Vincens Enrich
    Collector, Spain

  • The constant melange of color coupled with quick, powerful brush strokes, are some of my most favorite characteristics of the talented artist Hanna Kryvolap. Her paintings inspire life and positivity. They radiate emotion and enough satisfaction of the subject matter is impossible from just one viewing. With each new painting, additional unexpected truths of her artistic process are revealed. The energy which she transfers to her canvases never fades. Our collection of her paintings bring joy not only to our family, but to each person who visits and is immediately drawn to her work.

    Halyna Holubec
    Collector USA, Chicago

  • Seven years ago I began my acquaintance with the art of Ganna Kryvolap. "Zurich" was the first painting in my collection; later I added other aintings from the series “Horizons", "Wells" and "Portraits". They are all different but united through the special artistic manner of the artist, that by a harmony of colors and rhythms, passes on the spirit and uniqueness of each image. During the years of our acquaintance, I have been observing Ganna's professional development and her successes. I visited her exhibits in Kyiv and Vienna. I Look forward impatiently for the appearance of her new works with views of New York City.

    Ludmila Rabij
    Collector USA, New York

  • Ganna is one of the true artist with her own individual and district style. She is master at using colors in a very bold but soothing way. She makes you see things differently, whether it is a city scape, landscape, portrait or an abstract painting.

    After seeing some of her lovely cityscapes, I have not only become one of admirers of her paintings, but I have started liking and loving these cities more as her paintings have made me see these cities in a different way.

    Rajesh Vyas
    Collector USA, India